Thursday, 14 October 2010

The secret of a long life, move to Kensington and Chelsea


There is a really huge amount of data made available by the GLA’s Data Management and Analysis group (DMAG) relating to London boroughs.  There is clearly much to learn about London in this data set, but I was surprised to find I could extend the length of my life by as much as 9 years – simply by moving from Greenwich to Kensington.

Actually this would be likely to extend the life of my children, as the data shown is based on birth dates, but still a real benefit.

Of course, you could argue that simply moving isn’t enough, and that there may be other factors involved in determining the length of life – but I have already thought of that, and I also have a plan to grow a floppy hair cut and buy some bright red jeans.  I have it all covered.

Source – Office of National Statistics – the data used in these visualisations was sourced from this page